Many couples always wanted the right wedding so that it was a church, all relatives and friends, a beautiful dress, a good table with various treats, gifts, and sincere congratulations. But is this enough for a beautiful and traditional wedding ceremony? Do all couples follow traditions now? Many of modern people have long forgotten about many of them. Some do not even know about the history of marriage, how such traditions came into our live and what they mean for the future family. Our company not only helps people to find true love, but also wants to preserve traditions and show the couple a real wedding in compliance with all the rules. This will help the future family to get the right attitude and live a long and happy life together.

History of marriage

As in any other country, the concept of marriage came to us from ancient times when men and women began to make their life together official. But a lot has changed since then. Ceremonies have become more luxurious and outfits more refined. A festive table became more diverse. All traditions that came to us from the past have changed a little over the years, but some of them have remained the standard for modern couples who begin their family life. The history of marriage is a long tradition, customs and rules that came to us from our ancestors. This is particular importance for any family who wants to make their relationship reliable and long-term but not all people think about it when they plan their wedding.

Bridal traditions and American weddings have become so luxurious and bright that they are now popular among residents of other countries. It's like a wedding style; an American wedding looks very amazing. You must correctly allocate time; plan all the details for both wedding ceremonies, because there are two types of weddings - civil and religious. And this cannot be done in one day. It is interesting to note that from history, a wedding came to us as a marriage for God, and the seal in the passport and the official conclusion of the marriage appeared later. Be prepared that you need time, money and effort to turn the wedding not only into the most important day in life, but also into an original and memorable event!

Dating and partner search

Many people think not only about wedding traditions but also about finding a reliable partner. Some of them already had a marriage or they lost their loved one. There may be different reasons why people became lonely but they want to feel family comfort and love again. We all have a high level of workload because modern society dictates special rules. We have studies, work, personal interests and we cannot find even one free hour to visit our parents or have coffee with friends. How to find free time to meet someone? Many people visit dating sites or special marriage agencies to find the perfect partner by their requests and parameters. But how can one say about an accidental meeting or fate? Many people think about it but remain single completely immersed in work or in their favorite hobby. Finding someone on a dating site is the most popular way to find the perfect partner. People look for reliable sites, talk about their principles and views so that the partner could share his thoughts and feelings. There were many stories about people who were from different countries and continents but were able to build a happy family. But it’s really difficult, not only find the ideal partner, but also the person who will agree to follow all wedding traditions.

Why is marriage important?

If you are serious about the wedding, then you and your partner want to learn about bridal traditions. Most couples support the idea of ​​a proper wedding so that all traditions and customs are there. This gives the person the mood and creates a special atmosphere. The future family becomes infected with the positive and hopes that these traditions will help them to build a strong family with children, grandchildren, a good home and an affluent old age. Nobody wants to have quarrels and scandals in the family, so traditions are the first step to creating a new stage in your life. There are bridal shower traditions that become an important stage before the wedding and ceremony. This is a certain set of customs that apply to both the bride and groom. There are also wedding traditions that take place on the wedding day, but they are also important for any couple.

Modern newlyweds do not always follow traditions. Many of them save or do not think that tradition is an important element of the holiday. Many people give their choice to a photographer and an expensive restaurant than the 5-6 rules that really need to be followed. There may be many traditions, but the most basic ones are important for the day of the wedding ceremony. Marriage is an important step in the life of any person, therefore this day should be planned according to all the rules and traditions of our ancestors.

Bridal traditions

Weddings cannot be celebrated on the same day, from the civil ceremony to the wedding should take about 10 days. Americans adhere to special wedding traditions that must be taken into account when preparing for this special day. There are a lot of such traditions and we can write about them for a very long time, but there are the most basic 4 rules that every bride should make before the wedding. The girl should have 4 main things.

  • New clothes or another thing is a sign that a girl is starting a new life with her husband.
  • There must be a very old thing, any heirloom can be a heirloom.
  • Any item of clothing or a thing of the color of the sky - this will show the tenderness and modesty of the future wife.
  • The thing that the bride should borrow from someone - this will be a symbol of a happy life and prosperity of a young family.

Bridal shower traditions

In addition to the simple traditions that are observed at almost every wedding, there is such a thing as bridal shower traditions. This is a set of customs that sound pretty funny but they are also respected by many grooms and brides. These are simple things that have a comic connotation, but they could be done so that the newlyweds have a beautiful and long family life. There are quite a few such bridal shower traditions, but there are several basic ones that any bride and groom always do. Their friends also help here because future spouses have many things to do before the wedding.


  • Brunch fare with mimosas and tea sandwiches.
  • Arrival of the groom with a bouquet of flowers.
  • There are certain games that are created for bridal shower traditions.
  • Open gifts in front of all guests.
  • The bride creates a bouquet with ribbons for the wedding.
  • Traditional games for honeymooners.

At the women's party, only friends and relatives are present. It is called a “shower,” because gifts are poured onto the bride like water from the shower. These gifts can be different: underwear cloth, bathrobes, sex books, bedding, stockings, and jewelry. Sometimes there may be an invitation of a professional male stripper dancer. At a groom’s bachelor party there are only men. Only real male things could be presented to the groom: rum, wine, cigars, expensive tobacco and gifts with an erotic meaning. A female stripper dancer is invited to a men's party too. Sometimes people don’t want to have such parties at home and they go to a strip club.

Traditional wedding ceremony

According to bridal traditions, a flower girl goes first before the wedding processional - this is a little girl in a white dress who throws fresh flowers from a basket on the floor, and next to her goes a little boy: he holds a pillow on which wedding rings lie. Then, on the flowers that the girl threw, goes the bride - father or brother or uncle led her to the altar. When the bride enters the church, all guests must stand up. Also an important part of the traditional wedding ceremony are several women (their number may be different) from the side of the bride and the same number of men should be from the side of the groom. These women are dressed in the same dresses; men are in the same suits. The priest conducts the wedding ceremony: the bride and groom give each other promises to be faithful to each other, to love each other, to share with each other all the joys and sorrows until death will take one of them. Then they put rings on their left hands. The bride and groom leave the church first; they go around the city and take pictures. Guests at this time go for a cocktail party, which is located in the space where the wedding dinner will be. Most often, the bride’s parents take all the wedding costs, and the groom buys the rings, makes a gift to the priest and all participants of their traditional wedding ceremony.

The end of the wedding

There is a different end of the wedding, but most often bridal traditions are partially observed. At the end of the wedding, the bride and groom make the first cut on the cake, they must hold the knife together. According to wedding traditions, the bride takes the first piece of the wedding cake and put it on the face of the groom. Then the young spouses take pictures with relatives and friends, and then leave the restaurant to go on a honeymoon. If they do not have enough money to travel, then they go to a luxury hotel and book a room for newlyweds there. But the bride and groom never spend their first wedding night at home. The hotel staff has several such rooms where there are all the necessary attributes for romance. It is also important to leave the restaurant quietly, because friends and families do not want to let them go. When the young people leave the restaurant and arrive at the hotel, they close the door of the room and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. Now their time is coming and they want to spend it alone with each other. Most often, they also turn off mobile phones so that they were not bothered by relatives and friends.

What is a perfect wedding?

Anyone thought about the wedding and planned every detail. It was a beautiful dream of wedding traditions, place, dress, guests, car, hotel and travel. But when relations between young people move to a new stage, it is important to do everything right. Not all newlyweds realize their dream of this important day, but they want to make it bright and unforgettable. No need to panic and get scared - your wedding will be the best because you love each other and go into a new life together. Bridal traditions are an important element of the wedding if you believe in rites and signs. It is also important to ask the older generation for help so that they can share their advice. There are some parts of the wedding that have a traditional plan, for example, wedding processional. But there are other parts that have already changed to more modern manners. Not all newlyweds have weddings in a restaurant; it can also be open ceremonies on the beach or in the garden. Also, the menu can be varied: from Japanese to European kitchen. Many brides add different colors to the decor, and also order dresses according to their preferences. Your wedding will be incredible and you will make this day as you want, but do not forget about bridal traditions that will help you to live a long and happy life.